Digital Media Marketing Trends 2018 | Interview with Isobar Mobility Head- India

As we head into 2018, Marketer’s New Year Resolutions have already started taking shape for the upcoming year.

This year will be crucial for the digital marketing sector as most of the popular marketing strategies will be on their way out and they’ll be replaced by many emerging technologies and platforms. Let us look at the industry trends that will be tried and tested at great lengths. How many of them will succeed, and how many will see the door?


“Consumers are the king and its extremely important to choose platforms as per their consumption patterns and interest. However, what is even more important is to understand the strength of each platform and customize creatives as per that and not use the same creative.”

Priyanka Shah Shinde

Director Mobile, Isobar-India

We decided to get these trends from India’s top digital marketer, Priyanka Shah Shinde who holds the position Director-Mobile and leads the Mobile media business at Isobar, India. Priyanka has been in this industry for almost a decade, also featured in the Top 25 Mobile women to watch out Globally by Mobile Marketer and Boston Consulting. She brings a good amount of experience in this field after having worked with leading clients like Cadbury’s, Maruti, CEAT, Adidas etc. and agencies like Ogilvy, PHD and Hungama. Isobar team is growing bigger and has won consecutive 3 Golds as Campaign Asia Digital Agency of the year and 1 Silver for Mobile Agency of the year 2017 an award by Campaign Asia. Let’s listen to what she has to say on the digital strategy and trends to watch for in 2018.

Q. What are the primary factors in today’s time that are driving Digital Marketing?

In Today Ad blocking dominant era it’s very important to seamlessly marry Content, Technology and brand so that the audience is compelled to interact with the brand. Data analysis and segmenting has become extremely important to customize the creative communication and interaction.


Q. Which are the major digital media platforms to focus on in 2018? Which platform you foresee that can die soon and why?

In terms of Social Instagram and Snapchat are playing a very dominant role in media planning and creative storytelling.

In terms of Mobile Platforms Apps like Truecaller, Paytm, BookMyshow, Hello English, Tinder etc. are the best performing apps which give the advertisers a lot of options for creative brand integrations


In terms of redundancy trends die faster than platforms hence it’s important for brands to be proactive with trends rather than reactive. We see trends changing every day while there was a wave of Dubsmash being extremely popular it died in less than a month similarly with boomerangs etc.

In terms of Platforms I feel the way Facebook is being used by people now has drastically changed and the shift has moved towards Instagram which is a more visual delight. Facebook is no longer the top preferred platform amongst the tech savvy audience as its extremely cluttered and Instagram has stolen the thunder.

Q. What factors should a business focus on to choose the channel for their business?

Consumers are the king and its extremely important to choose platforms as per their consumption patterns and interest. However, what is even more important is to understand the strength of each platform and customize creatives as per that and not use the same creative.

Q. List top Digital media trends to watch for in 2018.

  • DATA

Q. What type of content will drive digital in 2018 (Infographics, Gifs, videos, etc.)?

Videos will be extremely dominant however short format snackable content will be more popular than long format.

Q. Digital media subscription to block advertisement (Netflix, Youtube Red, Saavn pro, etc.). Do you see it trending in the future? Is it helping Digital marketing?

Yes, the Premium/Freemium Models are working in India although the numbers might not be over the roof but still significant. The challenge earlier was bandwidth and not the income. With Jio coming in and data priced at extremely affordable rate, the average data consumption has spiked from 256 kb TO 4gb and premium models have seen significant spike in India.

This is helping digital marketing because brands are moving away from intrusive ads to more sensible and seamless content integrations which are making audience enjoy the content rather than start hating the ads.

Q. Do you know any tools that businesses should explore for Digital Marketing?



It will take time to get accustomed to new changes. As we progress towards 2018, those marketers who’ll adapt to these changes will surely stay ahead of their competition. If you know and believe any of the future trend in digital media industry, comment below. If you want to know more about how your brand can use any of these, drop us a message or connect through our digital media handles-



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