The Because behind the Cause – Do Brands have a genuine thought behind Cause Related Marketing?

Many brands today are trying to build an emotional connect with their advertisement through cause marketing campaign. But are they doing it right? Does the campaign give a hint of what product are they advertising? Think of an advertisement of any such product with a social message. Does this campaign tell you how will the product/brand work for that social cause?

There are questions that you may ask before creating commercials about whether you want to sell the product/service or the brand. At times, even after watching the ad, you don’t remember the brand in that commercial but you remember the social message. On one hand, we are seeing some brands with less product-selling ads and more ads related to social message, and on the other hand, we have brands that totally focus on mere benefits of the product in the commercial (informercial). Some brands are just trying to mimic other brands by creating ads with a social message without even analyzing that whether it resonates with their brand vision or products/services they offer or not.

“Brands should be selling the product with a right package. If that packaging includes a social message it’s great stuff.” – Guru

Is your brand able to control the movement you’re trying to create by the social message in the ad? What is the vision of brand in creating a social movement? Do you know the process flow of how you’re going to achieve that vision? As an audience, do I know that what are they doing after this? How many commercials you might have seen talking about women empowerment? Have you identified that out of all those brands, how many actually participated in the cause and what movement those brands led to achieve that vision?

In an exclusive interview with Gursimran Singh (VP- Strategy, Publicis India), also famous as Guru, we asked him that how difficult it is for brands to connect with consumers. He told that the customer we see today is a Global citizen and he is well connected through different digital channels. If the brands want to connect, they can easily connect. However, brands should be selling the product with a right package. If that packaging includes a social message it’s great stuff. He gave an example of how Tesla is personalizing the experience and communicating with its consumers.

The question that a brand manager need to focus on is that, Is your social message authentic? Does it resonate with the image of your brand? What is the position of brand in the lifecycle?

It’s about having a long-term relationship. It’s not the hit it and quit it approach. If a cause is trending, for a brand to hop on that bandwagon, remember that consumers are smart and savvy and they can see that the brand is trying to capitalize on something.

Do you know how many videos are released in a day? Do you know how difficult it is to leave a mark on the mind of a customer? Brands are trying hard to capture the eye balls of their customers by including social messages.

“Benefits of the product with a right packaging of social message is great.  At the end, brands are here to sell and not deliver social message. Movies are already doing it.” – Guru

When we questioned a few people, it was very evident that most of them have seen the ad but no one remembers the brand associated with it except for a few. The challenge for brands right now is not to find right social cause, but relevance of that cause with the positioning of the brand. Most of the brands fail to achieve the relevance and hence end up spending bundles of money without achieving anything. The case is not only with brands but depends a lot on the agency handling creatives of that brand.

When building a content to be shared with the audience, it very important to understand that whether that piece is giving the essence of that brand or not. If you can replace the brand inside that ad with any brand and it still works, consider that brand recall will be very less. It will reap insignificant results which will eventually not correlate to what you expected to happen after releasing the work.

Here’s what Guru feels about some of the famous commercials in this reference. He was asked to comment whether these campaigns are more focused on social message, product benefits or a balance of both.

  1. Tata tea Jaago re – Social
  2. Parachute Khul ke khelo holi? – Balance
  3. Surf excel Daag ache hai – Product
  4. Lifebuoy – Help a child reach 5 – Product
  5. Havells – Arranged marriage? – Social
  6. Havells – Say no to discrimination – Social
  7. Google Reunion – Balance
  8. Ariel Share the load – Social
  9. Dove – Real Beauty – Social
  10. Air India poster campaign – Balance

Comment in the section below and mention the ads that you believe were brilliant in sharing a social message and relevant to their brand. Also share if you have found any commercial which you didn’t find showing any relevance between brand and social message.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more.

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