FACEBOOK MARKETING- How to reach more than 4 lac people with less than 500 likes


Like any other organization, your brand is likely fighting with a convergence of transformation that are upending the familiar tactics you’ve used to communicate with customers.

With diversity in demographics, the adoption of technologies and unfolding media consumption habits have changed how consumers get information and how they perceive branded communication messages.

Let’s get started and take a look on what matters most while using your Facebook page to get a reach of more than 4 lac* and interact with your customers.


In today’s world, people search for text, video and imagery content that interests people. Content which is relevant, entertaining, informative and helpful to the target audience. Good content builds trust and bring customers by top of the mind recall for the brand. Content with social message is always appreciated since it has an emotional connect with the people. Such content brings like-minded people together who spread the message and hence the reach increases of the post.

#ShareTheLoad campaign by Ariel was launched early this year which went viral because it had an emotional connect of love between a father and his daughter. A lot of people shared the content because they felt that the story depicted in the ad is related to theirs.



The timing of the post on your page plays a very important role. If you’re targeting the audience with age ranging from 21-30, maximum reach for the post comes when it is posted at 6 pm. Consumers with 60+ age can be reached maximum when the content is posted at 10 am. Maximum audience is available online from 6 pm to 12 am.

Reach depends on the day content is posted on social media. The maximum reach would come if the content is posted in the first half of the week since it will build the credibility in due course of week and if content is good enough to capture the audience in first few seconds, it might go viral. Content shared during the weekend will get a decent reach in the beginning. However it won’t last longer since word of mouth advertising will not take happen during that period.

Dove released their recent ad campaign #MyBeautyMySay on Tuesday 28 June, 2016 at 7 pm IST and it has gone viral with over 1.5 million likes in just a day on Youtube. On FreakiAD, which has just less than 1000 likes, the video was viewed by more than 1000 people in the first 4 hours of the post.



It is important to identify the relevant content for your audience. For a page related to advertising, audience will look forward to something interesting and entertaining. Whereas for a page related to Banking and shares, audience will look forward to articles and market related news. The content shared should also be relevant to the target audience. For instance, content related to the Punjab if shared targeting any South Indian state might not be a good idea. If the page is liked by majority women, content should also be relevant to them to increase the reach and share.

The majority of Ads shared and made by Blush Channel are related to Women and their issues because more than 70% of the audience of the page are women. The Ads included Radhika Apte, Aditi Rao in the videos they shared which connected with the relevant audience and was shared virally by them.



The tags used with content shared attracts the audience according to the trending topics on media. These include tags used to search some content or it might be hashtags that trend on social media platforms. Tags are used to attract new customers to search and reach to us.

A perfect example of using relevant hashtags is the ad by P&G when Rio Olympic 2016 torch was unveiled. They used Hashtags like #Rio2016 which will keep trending till the Olympics get over. The audience it attracted was due to the Rio Olympics and the message and not because of their products.



Content related to a certain occasion or festival if shared 2-3 weeks prior to the event, attracts the customers and audience to share the content. Let us take an example from the Bollywood, any movie which is supposed to release starts their promotion aggressively 3-4 weeks prior to the release date. Parachute released their #KhulKeKheloHoli Ad 2 weeks prior to the event. Based on the product/service you’ll have to choose the date to release the content.


The key to successful content and page lies in the mind of creator and the audience. With the changing social media behavior of people, and increase in the usage of social media platforms, many Organizations are looking forward to use these platforms. The digital media advertising spend is at par with the traditional advertisement spend globally. The key points mentioned above could give an edge to your brand. Wish you all the luck and leave your comments below for any queries.


*The details are based on my experience in handling Facebook page for different clients. Reference from https://www.facebook.com/FreakiAD/

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